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Hope-Acrylic Block_edited.jpg

Acrylic Block Print with

NFT purchase

We are offering Hope Coin NFT's for sale on OpenSea.

Each of the 21 Hope Coin NFT purchases includes a 5x7” print

of the “Hope” painting mounted in a thick acrylic block.

The original “Hope” painting has images of all three Hope Coins. We will ship the Acrylic Block Print to you when you provide shipping information, using the form below.

Claim Your Acrylic Block Print Here

Thanks for submitting your address and

NFT claim number.

Your Acrylic Block Print is on the way!

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Hope Coin-Verse GIG4sq_edited.png
Hope Coin-Word GIG11sq_edited.png
Hope Coin-Psalm GIG2sq_edited.png
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