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Vibrant canvas print of an original watercolor, Breath of Life. The large 16" x 16" square format will make a dramatic statement in your home or office. Light weight with highly saturated colors, the unframed print wraps around the wood support, and includes a hanging kit.


Trees breathe in what we breathe out, thereby serving as the “lungs” of our planet. Trees take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen by way of photosynthesis, and store carbon in their trunks. One large tree can provide a day's supply of oxygen for up to four people. The Ash tree, symbol of strength, wisdom, knowledge and immortality, serving as a link between heaven, earth and the underworld. We live in symbiosis with these steadfast, gentle guardians. The first temples were trees, living hope in the mystery of life.


Print of original watercolor by Annette Durkin

Art Print Canvas | Breath of Life

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